Flying Drone speed


Hello Srv,

Can you please tell us, How we identified the maximum speed of selected drone .
Is there any way to get drone max flying speed before it take off.

Also elaborated the accelerometer of drone


Chaging Maximum Speed of Drone in FlytSim

Hi @Trilok_Singh,

It would be great if you could explain in detail about what your use-case is.

Are you asking about the maximum speed achievable by the drone?

sorry didn’t get you.


Hello Srv,

Yes i want to know about maximum speed achievable by the drone?
like if am selected hexa copter then I got its maximum achievable speed .
and if am selected fixed wing then i got its maximum speed.


Hi @Trilok_Singh,

I am sorry, but the maximum achievable speed is not defined by the frame type, but rather the physical specification of the drone, its weight and size, also the propeller size. It obviously depends on the engine being used, whether its gas powered or electricity powered.


Hello Srv,

Can you please suggest us any average speed of drone.


Hello Trilok,

Maximum speed of drone can not be estimated before take-off.

But it is possible to restrict maximum velocity in x,y,z directions using parameters mpc_xy_vel_max and mpc_z_vel_max, in meter/second. If you configure this parameter then you can restrict the max speed the drone will achieve during auto modes(RC-Posctl, API-Posctl, API-mission modes). (note that in manual mode there is no such restriction).

I hope this answers your first question. I too couldn’t get the second question.


Hello Dhiraj,

Can you please tell me the average speed of drone.
Like hexa copter fly 5-10 Km per hour normally. (not min not max. average speed)
or fixed wing fly 40-50 km per hour… something like that.

I think you got my point.

I know Drone speed is based on weight , size ,engine etc.
I want to know an ideal speed.


Bigger multicopters (>500mm motor to motor distance) usually fly with 3 to 8 m/s or ~10 to 30 km/h. Small multicopters can achieve speeds more than 10 m/s
Fixed wings usually have high cruise speed, in the order of 10 to 25 m/s or 40-90 km/h or 25-56 mph.


Hello Dhiraj,

Thanks for your reply.
This information is helpful for me