Flying a DJI M210 indoors. Position using SLAM



I’m new to FlytOS, but it seems like a tool that could help me a lot. I’m trying to fly a DJI M210 indoors, using a Velodyne and Jetson performing SLAM to supply a position value. I desire flying the M210 using position or velocity commands, but that requires position lock. Up to now, I’ve only found that it is impossible to inject position values to the M210.

In the FlytBase API documentation, I’ve found the velocity/position setpoint command, and it states : “This API requires position lock. GPS, Optical Flow, VICON system can provide position data to vehicle.” Is this true for the M210? And how to I inject a local position (and velocity?) values to the drone?

If this isn’t possible, I guess my only recourse is to have the position/velocity control loop on the Jetson and control the M210 in a “Virtual RC” mode. Am I right?

Thank you,