Flight modes for mobile app


We are trying to replace RC control with the mobile app. When we try to send a takeoff command to the drone, this error showed up (as seen in the photo) “Change RC switch position to API mode or call request_access API”. But as you can see in the photo, the flight controller is already in API | POSCTL mode. We were wondering if this is the wrong mode for API control/ if we need to switch to another mode.



So do you have RC connected? How did you change the drone’s mode?
Are you using PX4 or APM?

API|POSCTL is indeed the correct mode. And it should not have thrown this error.
Thanks for notifying. I am looking into this.

[EDIT]: I saw that you are running a much older version of FlytOS: v1.54. Please update it to latest v1.56, by connecting it to the internet.
Alternatively, you can run this command in your companion computer’s terminal:

sudo sh -c ‘wget -O - https://downloads.flytbase.com/flytos/install/flytOS.sh | bash’

It would update FlytOS and its dependencies.



Yes we have the RC connected. We change it using a switch on the RC. We are using a PX4.
Sure, we will update our FlytOS version. Thanks!


Please respond once you have updated the version.