Flashing image on Raspberry pi4


Hello there,
I am failing to flash flytos image on raspberry pi 4 (my first companion computer) and this is my first interaction with flytos. I realize that there is no specific image for pi 4 and currently there is no ubuntu mate for it as well so that I can install dependencies.
Do I have to wait for Ubuntu to release a pi 4 version to be able to install flytos?
Is there going to be an image for Raspberry pi 4?

I’m interested in flytbase to use on a project that involves object tracking , gimbal, and drone API, if anyone could help answer my questions to see if I would still consider flytos or should I look for some alternative if it exists?



Yes. Unfortunately you would have to wait for the official Ubuntu Mate release for RPi4.
Meanwhile, you can use RPi3B or 3B+.