Finally got a handle on it


almost happy here…
first pod… funky wire jumper from under board, up through large fan hole and tack soldered to the side of a SMT capacitor came.loose…touching other stuff…stopped messing with it
second pod… someone needs to learn how to tighten screws! The standoffs and screws were barely finger tight! one top board screw was dancing around inside the pod! (completely out of the hole)
the eMMC connector had separated from the board connector thanks to a piece of double sided tape holding it to the case! (other end of the board double sided taped to the board was intact…) the little brass case inserts were loose, hence my earlier post about the connector slots not lining up with the case.

OK…all fixed. (2nd pod) re-imaged the eMMC so far so good. Only issue now is trying to reset the wifi board, the terminal does not show up the same way. I use to get a 'OpenWrt ansi text picture and prompt. Now it looks like a serial terminal (when running minicom)
The wired network has no problem connecting to the router, but I can’t seem to get the router wifi to run. It sees my house network …but… (Hence my attempts at using the minicom for a firstboot && reboot) plugging in a wifi dongle I was able to activate the installed flytconsole, and update from 0.7 to 1.1 In openwrt ( obviously the odroid to router is LAN, wired connection.
for the wifi… should it bee wwlan? wan? bridged? switch? I can’t seem to get the route through the wifi board to connect. With the wifi dongle in place sees my home network router. So obviously have to work from the pod here (as I amd right now even on line from the pod…but via the dongle not the router) I need a bit more detail on the openwrt settings, or info as to why i can;t seem to run the mincom and do a reboot && firstboot (which now that I think about it didn’t seem to reset anything before the 2nd re-imaging)


Thanks for your feedback on hardware. We will work on these issues and make sure that these are fixed in the next release.

For wifi issues: I have responded to these issues in the other threads that you have started. Let’s solve the basic problems first. I’m sure all problems that you are facing will be solved with that. Let me know if there is anything that has not been addressed.