Emlid Reach intel Editon reflash


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I have a couple of emlid Reach modules which are intel Edison based. At the moment the are gathering dust in the stores, so I was thinking if it would be possible to add the flytos to the already running Debian image or just to wipe them with your 1.5GB image and star afresh. If anyone else has converted a Reach module to run purely flyto os then please let me know.

If I do flash it I will use intel eddison tools to right the image file. Comments please.

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Pardon me but I have not used emlid reach module. Is there any documentation of what is to be configured in Edison’s debian image to make it work? Does it need any special kernel module?

If you only need to compile or install any software to make emlid work, you can flash FlytOS image on Edison, ( which is also debian based). Once you flash the image, you install them again.

Again, if you could send me clear documentation guide of how to interface emlid with a debian based CC, I would be happy to help you out.


Hi Srv

Here is all the info on the reach RTK module. It would be amazing to be able to run both Reach RTK and flytos but as I said my testing of RTK is finished and now want repurpose them to try flytos.

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It seems it should work just fine. Why don’t you just take a back up of your edison files, and try flashing FlytOS.


Okay I’ll give it a go thank you. I could do with a chat soon. I’m designing a sensor rich mini drone and want to include the following:-

  1. Collision avoidance front top and bottom, possibly 2 PXFlow in an array with charmlabs pixy on the bottom.
  2. Optical precision landing via ground target recognition (pixy)
  3. primary sensors, Micro zoom visual light camera switchable to lepton 3
  4. internet enabled for remote access / upload of mission

All the FC components need to be very small


@achal and @achiever93, please set up a call with him to take it further.


Hi @MRC, Sent you a PM. Let’s talk.



I also have a Reach Module and i’d love to test it out too, did you make any progress?
I also have a pixyCam, maybe we could make a redundant precision landing system with RTK/pixy/AprilTag

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