Drone get "disArm" when execute waypoint



When flying the drone : Arm -> Takeoff -> Set waypoint -> Execute … In the middle of the route the drone become Disarmed.

No idea why.




what is your system configuration? also which mode of simulator are you using ? apm or px4??

pls refer :http://docs.flytbase.com/docs/FlytSim/docker/troubleshooting.html
some laptop hardwares do not support the flytsim properly due to low hardware configuration :slight_smile:
@srv-admin correct me if wrong


Sorry that is my mistake
I used height in waypoints 100, but when drone landed height already was 480
I did takeOff 10
it upped after execute it gone down until 480 and after crashed


Yes, indeed you are correct.

But I guess the issue over here was something else.
@shuki, has the issue been resolved?


we did solve this problem.