Docs on another place is not clear


There are still mistakes。:confounded:


Please run the following command:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-pcl-*


thank you. It worked. next
Should i do the direct order? I think I should make some changes. but what should I do?


<path to repo> is supposed to be replaced with your actual path to your repo. :smiley:
In your case,

source ~/flyt_open_tld_3d/devel/setup.bash



Thank you,it worked . and I am sorrry,I have another problem:joy: what is this global_namespace? What should I do with this directive?


<namespace> must be replaced by the response from namespace API.

If the response from API is ‘flytpod’ , The complete command should be:

roslaunch vision_apps object_tracking.launch global_namespace:=flytpod

In our latest release, due to be released tomorrow, will provide you the functionality of launching this app from ‘followme’ web app itself, at the press of a button.


Thank you very much.It is worked.:grin:


Closing this issue now.