Docs on another place is not clear


Is the 921 on the picture representing the meaning of 921600?, 1 representative mavlink1 ?
and Is the camera on the raspberry coming from the USB camera? What should I change if I want to use a raspberry camera?
that’s all , thank you



Yes you are right. They are the actual values being set internally. I would update the doc to reflect that.

When you attach the camera, do you get a device registered at /dev/videoX (X being a number from 0)?
if yes, configure it by following this link.


ok thank you . I will try again


For raspi camera,

Try this if you don’t get to see any video device at /dev/videoX

sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2


if the above command: ‘sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2’ fails,
then try installing uv4l (


I tried to do it, but failed.
The page is not on the image.
I have viedo0. But the following error occurs when roslaunch vision_apps cam_api.launch is executed.
what should I do ?



When you start FlytOS, it already binds itself with the camera. It seems it already has, try checking for video stream in your browser.



Restart FlytOS. and post your log here.


Still does not work



Follow this. And send this startup log.


core_api_navigation (core_api/navigation_api)
core_api_param (core_api/param_api)
core_api_setup (core_api/setup_api)
flyt_ms_node (flyt_ms/flyt_ms_node)
flytcam (usb_cam/usb_cam_node)
image_capture (vision_apps/image_capture)
mavros (mavros/mavros_node)
mode_manager (mode_manager/mode_manager)
navigation_server (navigation_util/navigation_server)
rosapi (rosapi/rosapi_node)
rostful (rostful/devserver)
web_video_server (web_video_server/web_video_server)

auto-starting new master
process[master]: started with pid [4252]

setting /run_id to 580ed00e-4514-11e7-88c5-b827ebda247e
process[rosout-1]: started with pid [4265]
started core service [/rosout]
process[flytpod/core_api_param-2]: started with pid [4283]
process[flytpod/core_api_setup-3]: started with pid [4284]
process[flytpod/core_api_navigation-4]: started with pid [4291]
process[flytpod/navigation_server-5]: started with pid [4301]
process[flytpod/mode_manager-6]: started with pid [4311]
process[flytpod/flytcam-7]: started with pid [4319]
process[flytpod/image_capture-8]: started with pid [4324]
process[flytpod/web_video_server-9]: started with pid [4336]
process[flytpod/rostful-10]: started with pid [4345]
process[flytpod/rosapi-11]: started with pid [4352]

  • python -tt -m rostful run -h -p 80 -s tornado ‘–ros-arg=~connections_ list:=/rocon/connection_cache/list’ ‘–ros-arg=~connections_diff:=/rocon/connect ion_cache/diff’ --ros-arg=__name:=rostful --ros-arg=__log:=/home/flytpod/.ros/lo g/580ed00e-4514-11e7-88c5-b827ebda247e/flytpod-rostful-10.log
    process[flytpod/mavros-12]: started with pid [4366]
    process[flytpod/flyt_ms_node-13]: started with pid [4377]
    [ INFO] [1496133947.664418366]: Waiting For connections on
    [ERROR] [1496133948.833424427]: [LIC] Unknown Device Type
    [ INFO] [1496133949.150820108]: FCU URL: /dev/ttyAMA0:921600
    [ INFO] [1496133949.168210398]: serial0: device: /dev/ttyAMA0 @ 921600 bps
    [ INFO] [1496133949.179977954]: GCS URL: tcp-l://:5760
    [ INFO] [1496133949.187068832]: tcp1: Bind address:
    [flytpod/core_api_navigation-4] process has finished cleanly
    log file: /home/flytpod/.ros/log/580ed00e-4514-11e7-88c5-b827ebda247e/flytpod-co re_api_navigation-4*.log
    [ INFO] [1496133950.887676443]: Plugin altitude loaded
    [ INFO] [1496133950.946337972]: Plugin altitude initialized
    [ INFO] [1496133950.947687209]: Plugin autopilot_app_control loaded
    [ INFO] [1496133950.989346839]: Plugin autopilot_app_control initialized
    [ INFO] [1496133950.991249938]: Plugin command loaded
    [ INFO] [1496133951.186863889]: using default calibration URL
    [ INFO] [1496133951.187617805]: camera calibration URL: file:///home/flytpod/.ro s/camera_info/head_camera.yaml
    [ INFO] [1496133951.188315054]: Unable to open camera calibration file [/home/fl ytpod/.ros/camera_info/head_camera.yaml]
    [ WARN] [1496133951.188633287]: Camera calibration file /home/flytpod/.ros/camer a_info/head_camera.yaml not found.
    [ INFO] [1496133951.188968551]: Starting ‘head_camera’ (/dev/video0) at 320x240 via mmap (yuyv) at 30 FPS
    [ERROR] [1496133951.192007131]: Cannot open ‘/dev/video0’: 1, Operation not perm itted
    [ INFO] [1496133951.213270577]: Plugin command initialized
    WARNING:root:ZMQ : Protobuf message implementation not found. Using pickle based protocol
    [flytpod/flytcam-7] process has died [pid 4319, exit code 1, cmd /flyt/flytos/fl ytcore/lib/usb_cam/usb_cam_node __name:=flytcam __log:=/home/flytpod/.ros/log/58 0ed00e-4514-11e7-88c5-b827ebda247e/flytpod-flytcam-7.log].
    log file: /home/flytpod/.ros/log/580ed00e-4514-11e7-88c5-b827ebda247e/flytpod-fl ytcam-7*.log
    [ INFO] [1496133951.873213706]: Plugin distance_sensor loaded
    [ INFO] [1496133952.302288813]: Plugin distance_sensor initialized
    [ INFO] [1496133952.304920826]: Plugin ftp loaded
    [ INFO] [1496133952.441015983]: Plugin ftp initialized

Is it this one???


Are you sure, the device is not being used by some other process? I hope you tried restarting your raspi.


Can you please add yourself to video group:

sudo usermod -aG video $USER


ok I’ll try it. thank you


I have another question .
Can you use OpenTLD on raspberry 3?
I compile FlytOpenTLD using the ‘catkin_make’ command.but An error occurred


Running sudo catkin_make would never work. Please run without sudo:


should work just fine.


I tried, there were other problems


well that my friend happened because you tried to build(catkin_make) with sudo in the first place.

May i know why is the folder lying at root? and not at your /home/flytpod directory? Please use this directory, otherwise you will face issues(permission denied).


I rewrote the mirror, but the problem remains the same



I am sorry, but why are you using sudo everywhere :smiley:
This time while git cloning you went with sudo git clone…

Two options:

  1. stop using sudo
  2. run this command

sudo -s

then run catkin_make