DJI Support without DJI Remote Controller?



I’m new to FlytBase and I’m really wondering if the LTE systems works without the use of the original DJI remote controller. As I figured out, you always need the remote controller and there is no way to overcome to this requirement.
Also, how you send the video over LTE?




Hi @relaxibus,

Are you using the DJI Matrice series? If yes, then you do not need RC. You can connect a companion computer on board the drone, and control it via our FlytCloud.
This solution is readily available.

In case you are using DJI Phantom, Mavic or similar series, you have to connect an Android Tablet with RC over USB. If your tablet has Internet Connection, you can install our Android app on it, which would make the drone controllable from FlytCloud.
We are working on this right now. We should be in a state to release this in a week or two.


Hi, @srv-admin,

we are planning to use Matrice series. However I have ready everywhere you must have the RC controller, for safety reason, switched on and the Flight Mode on F or P (depends on the Matrice Series). So how you can use FlytCloud without the DJI RC remote controller??
And how do you send the camera video over LTE??


For DJI Matrice,

We are currently working on this. This solution is not available without RC.

For safety reasons, you need to keep RC connected. But that does not mean you cannot control the drone without it. We have not tested the scenario without RC controller yet. But from DJI Assistant, I think you might configure “RC lost action” to None in API settings page, which would enable flight without RC.

Having said that, for initial testing, it is preferred you keep RC connected.


Ok, so it is as expected. It will not be possible to use FlytCloud and to control a DJI Matrice from beyond the RC range when you power the drone on. Lets say for remote periodically surveying without any personell onsite.
Drone without video… useless? So the LTE solution is not really useful yet.
Would be good you will test the scenario without RC controlle, as it makes no sense to me to keep the RC controller on if I control the drone via LTE. What is the sense to use LTE if the RC controller have to be on? So I can also use the RC controller and a App :wink: