DJI Mavic support?


I read on your webpage that you support the dji platform including the mavic.
Can you please explain a bit more how to use the flytos for mavic, assume I still need to add a companion computer onboard? Will than the companion computer with flytos, automatically detect if dji, px4 or other and make proper conversion from the FlytAPIs?

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Hey Sebastian,

Mavic (and most other DJI drones) cannot take a companion computer. These will be integrated with the FlytBase Cloud platform using an Android/iOS app. This will allow the developers build the business logic (or, integrate with existing business apps) in the cloud, and make it work with their DJI drones (or hybrid fleet of drones – DJI / non-DJI).

Hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any other queries.



Do you means that both of the tx2 and mavic connect to the cloud?


Hi! This is an old question, can be closed. (not using dji mavic with cloud)


@laoshiheshang Well in case of Mavic you wont have onboard CC(Nvidia TX2). Right?


Yes, i have a nvidia tx2. I want to use tx2 as the CC of Mavic , but i can not mount tx2 on Mavic , so i want to connect both of them into the cloud. I do not know is that the right manner.


Can you please explain, why would you connect TX2 to Mavic? What purpose is TX2 going to solve?
Also, how would you connect TX2 with Mavic?

It would be great if you tell me your application in brief.
Do you simply want to connect Mavic to Cloud? And control it over cloud?


Thank you for your reply! I want to transfer the video which is fetched from the drone camera to TX2. TX2 can detect the object which we interest in the video. we want to connect Mavic to cloud to control it remotely!


Have you already figured out how would you get video feed from Mavic to NvidiaTX2?


Thank you for your reply! we will buy DJI matrice 100, and mount our TX2 on the drone. Your work is sexy!:grinning: