Difference with FlytSim


Hi, I have a problem implementing my onboard program. I’ve made a program to overide the rc input using mavros, it have been working very nice on mavros. But when I execute it on odroid xu4+APM Copter, it won’t receive the value given from odroid. By the way I execute the flytsim on APM SITL. Any advice?




We don’t suggest our users to use rc override. What is your special case that you can’t use position setpoint or velocity setpoint and instead prefer rc override.


I’ve try using velocity setpoint and position setpoint before but I don’t get satisfied with the result, so I use rc override and I’m satisfied. Do you know what’s the problem that make my program run seamlessly on flytsim and doesn’t on the onboard?


Do you have RC connected on the real drone? You have to share more information for me to help you out.

What is the vehicle mode ? Is the copter not responding at all?
Did you follow any documentation to send rc override command?


Yes I’ve connect the rc on the real drone. On the flytsim, even I change the mode by rc override it still work seamlessly. But on the real drone even on guided mode, the value won’t change


Make sure the value of parameter SYSID_MYGCS is set to 20.


Thanks, it’s working now. Anyway, do you have example code to get altitude and sonar range for roscpp?



Check out our api documentation for altitude data in roscpp.
API for sonar range will be made available in our next release, which should be out in couple of weeks time.