Deployment Models On Local Machine



I have found deployment model which looks good to my requirement. I want to deploy FlytOs in my Ubuntu machine X64 and want t control DJI simulated Drone(having it’s own platform).

Can you please let me know setup instruction ?
Note: in the site it states that “which communicates with the drone using a wireless-link” so here what is wireless-link ?


What do you mean by a DJI Simulated drone?
Are you using a DJI matrice series drone? FlytOS only supports A3, N3, DJI Matrice series as it uses DJI Onboard SDK to communicate with the drone. If you are indeed using such a platform, connect your x86 machine’s USB to UART/SDK port of your drone, and the rest will be taken care of by FlytOS. Please follow this guide carefully for the exact setup steps. For FlytOS installation, choose the installation guide for Intel Aero.

Can you please explain which exact line are you referring to. Please attach a link to the exact page of the documentation.


Thanks for reply with good technical details.
I am trying to connect FlytOs, which is installed in x64 Laptop ubuntu os, to Drone machine(Hardware) “DJI-Wind-8-Octocopter”.
I will attach/ plug Drone to laptop and will try to control using FlytOs Console. Is it possible ?

I am referring “” page in “Deployment Models” section’s On Local Machine statement.

Can you please answer on my above question.



You need to have 2 separate Laptops (one running Ubuntu OS and the other running Windows - for DJIAssistant2 /Simulator).

Connect Simulator laptop with drone using USB cable.
Connect Ubuntu Laptop with drone via the drone’s API/SDK port (using a USB-UART module). This laptop has FlytOS debian package and all its dependencies installed.

This mode of deployment expects the user to use a Radio telemetry device such as RFD900 or similar such module to establish communication with the drone. If you want to pursue this, connect one module of RFD900 to your laptop and other to the drone’s API/SDK port.

FlytOs Connect to Drone via MavLink

Thanks for your reply.
After Your input, it looks like I can’t connect DJI Drone from Laptop having FlytOS via wifi/ mobile network to control Drone.

My assumption was in points -

  1. Install FlytOs in Cloud vm
  2. Take a DJI Drone and connect it in same network (mobile/ wi-fi network )
  3. Obtain Drone IP and port
  4. Configure Drone’s IP and port in Flytos which is Cloud VM
  5. Open FlytOs Console and control Drone

Can you please let me know is it really not possible ? Or I need some changes to make it work with my above requirement.

Nikhil Soni


How are you planning to make this happen?

Your question is a bit ambiguous too. On one hand the topic of this thread is ‘Deployment on Local Machine’, whereas your question suggests that you want to install FlytOS on a laptop and on cloud VM as well. Somehow, your exact need is still not clear to me. Is it not possible to mount a Companion computer on the DJI drone or connect a RFD 900 (or other reliable telemetry module) to the DJI drone?


Apologies to make confusion.
For testing purpose I am using laptop having FlytOS to connect DJI Drone. If I will get success in connection with Drone from Laptop’s FlytOs via Network / Wi-Fi , then I will move same scenario to VM.

I can not mount Companion computer having FlytOS to Drone and RFD 900.

DJI provides DJI Go mobile application which get connected with Drone using WI-FI. Can we not use same wi-fi connection to connect Flytos(laptop) with Drone ? Can we use MavProxy for making connection ?

May be I am asking many questions but my aim is to just making connection of Flytos to Drone via network.


DJI RC connects to Drone over WiFi via their propitiatory communication protocol. The only way to solve this would be to build an android app, which uses DJI SDK to communicate with the drone, and exposes the data over UDP/TCP for FlytOS to get the data. We do not have any such android app.

But, what we do have is FlytLink - an android application which communicates with any DJI drone via DJI RC and exposes the data to FlytCloud platform. We have a ready solution - FlytLive which would provide you with Live video feed and telemetry, as well as live navigation control of the drone. Please take a look at the product: For any further information on this product, please reach out to us at


Sorry, may I know how do we download FlytLink ? As it seems not available in Google Play Store.


Right now, FlytLink is in beta mode and we provide a very limited access to it.
Please send your requirements to


Noted on that, thank you for the clarification.