Custom gps in QGroundControl



I’m having a HITL setup using pixhawk, gazebo and QGC using mavros communication. The default gps location for HIL is in Zurich Irchel Park according to this. I tried to change the coordinates of the default location but that doesn’t seem to work out. From what I’ve understood, I can see that it uses some kind of motion capture in sending these coordinates through the fcu for the HIL simulation. Using a motion capture software doesn’t make much sense to me in order to be able to send fake gps location to my HITL setup. Kindly help me in understand the fake_gps.cpp plugin better.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I have not used HITL setup before, so it would be difficult for me to help you.
But to edit the GPS location, it seems you have to edit this file:



I’ve tried that but that doesn’t seem to be working. I could however see, when I launch px4 in mavros, that the changes made in the configuration reflect but it doesn’t do the same in QGroundControl. Sorry I just realized that this seems way off-topic but any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry. I have not worked on HIL setup before to help you further on this.
If you have any relevant document on how to edit the location, you can share it on this thread and I might be able to help on the same.