Curved Paths for DJI drones


Do you guys intend to implement curved path for FlytLink with DJI drones?

This is a really basic feature, simply change the WaypointMissionMode to CURVED when crating a WaypointMission from the DJI Mobile SDK.

In my opinion these should be the standard mission mode actually. Not having this feature kills the quality of flytbase waypoint missions against other solutions like Autopilot or Litchi.

If this is in your roadmap, when will it be released?


Hi @Marcello,

Are you planing to use FlytGCS to create the missions or FlytCloud APIs?
The feature is indeed in our pipeline, but I cannot commit to a release date yet.


We intend to use FlytCloud APIs, we have already developed a GCS based on FlytCloud communication. It works amazingly well with Pixhawk based drones, but most of our clients want to use DJI drones.