Controlling Drone using Virtual Joystick



I want to know, How to make use of virtual joystick for controlling drone’s basic four operations (Yaw, Roll, Pitch, Throttle)? (Using flytconsole)

I am facing problem related to this.

Problem is :
Before updating to 1.10, When I fire URL (ip_address/joystick), I was able to use joystick. But now I am unable to use it. (in 1.10) So How to solve it?

And I have taken help from GITHUB, but still problem remains in this case also.
For your Reference : Github link
So explain how to use this resource exactly.

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We are fixing some bugs in the app, hence the app has been currently removed. We will provide you the app separately in a day or two.


Can you explain working mechanism of virtual joystick?
Provide documentation on this so that we can understand more on how to use it.




I found Joystick app but some problems are there which I need to solve. So please help with this.

Look at screenshot :

In this we are not getting RC IN data? Why?
Here I would like to clarify that we are not using remote control but we are using android app for this controlling purpose.

Also another doubt is :
How to test this application? (Without flying drone as we are not having remote control)
joystick is working or not? how to identify?

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Hey Parth, there are some ambiguities in your question so I will try to answer as much as I can.

If you have not connected a RC receiver, you will not get any RC Data. The Joystick android app sends velocity setpoint commands directly.

You will be getting messages in flytconsole when trying to run the joystick app without flying it. Also, you open a terminal in your computer, ssh into your Flight computer, stop FlytOS and then start FlytOS. You will start getting the logs. Now when you start your Joystick app, and attempt to give commands to FlytOS, you will be able to see the messages in the terminal in your PC.

Have you successfully been able to flyt your drone yet? I don’t think it will be possible to fly your drone without a remote control. It is a highly critical requirement for safety.