Control simulator via REST


I am just getting started.
I am trying to control a FlytOS simulator via REST API

I have read Flytbase API:

And have got Cloud Simulator running as well:

Q1: To make a POST call, I need IP address of the target which will accept the REST call and reply.
Q2: From API dociumentation: RESTful endpoint:
FlytOS hosts a RESTful server which listens on port 80. RESTful APIs can be called from remote platform of your choice.

URL: POST http:///ros//navigation/access_request
JSON Request: { enable_access: Boolean }
JSON Response: { success: Boolean message: String }

What is the “namespace”.



Hi @vab.13,

The REST APIs for FlytOS simulator are exposed via our FlytCloud APIs. The difference being a minor change in API URL and an Authorization header.

Please checkout this doc:

If you install FlytSim/FlytOS on your local machine, both the methods are exposed. As in if you are in the same network as the drone, you can connect to the same network, and use the machine’s IP for the APIs.