Control drone with flytpod remotely via a ground PC


I want to control the Flytpod pro drone from my remote ground based PC or Linux machine using the cmd similar to that of mavproxy/mavlink. Can I do that using remote network tools (SSH, X11, RDP, VNC, FTP, MOSH, …)? Please provide me with the appropriate instructional documentations, if any.


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The FlytPOD can be controlled autonomously using onboard API’s that run on the FlytPOD itself. These API can be triggered usid ssh from a remote computer. You can also use web/mobile FlytAPI’s to remotely control the drone. Visit to have a look at the APIs. You should also visit and have a look at the documentation there.
I also recommend you to describe your problem statement in more detail so we can help you out selecting the right approach to take.



Hi Zubin,

Thanks for the response. I will take a look at the api documentations. BTW, how to I connect optical flow sensors, SBUS etc. I tried connecting the 3 wire SBUS with positive, negative according to the Flytpod connection diagram and the signal to the SBUS TX of FlytPOD, but still the configuration doesn’t work. I prefer to use SBUS rather than PWM. How do I access the expansion ports through the API?


You have connected wrong way, the signal should be connected to RX of Flytpod, The connection for SBUS is in the order Positive, Ground And then RX of the Flytpod. For connecting optical flow use I2C port of the Flytpod, positive of the optical to 5v of Flytpod and Ground to ground of flytpod. SDA and SCL connect to to Flytpod’s SDA and SCL.


Fine, I tried connecting the SBUS as you mentioned, but the receiver is not even powering up. The receiver is working with other flight controllers (Pixhawk). The polarity position is swapped in my Flytpod! I have used a voltmeter and figured that. The order goes like, Ground, 5V, Rx and Tx. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


its 5V,GND,RX,TX. See this image for more details. When did you receive the Flytpod?


I know what you are referring to, but the unit I have is not working the way as it meant to be.


Sorry for the trouble.
Can you tell me the number written on the bottom side of the FlytPOD?
if the number is 27 and above, its our new revision PCB on which we had made changed for the connector support for SBUS as GND,VCC,Signal order from the previous(VCC,GND,Signal).
Is it working with that connection?


Gimme the exact order of Tx and Rx


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I hope your issue is resolved.


Its board 27, so the SBUS pinout is in the order GND, 5V, RX, TX. and connect the signal from the receiver to the RX of the flytpod. And no need of connecting anything to TX pin.



Yes we kept the TX pin open for future use, in case we would like to control SBUS based gimbals via this line. For RC input, ofcourse TX pin is not required.