Console wish list


Hello again.

As mentioned in my previous post we have setup a test environment using pixhawk and RPI companion computers.

After working my way through the setup and getting access to the flytconsole it occurred to me that once the setup is done the current console is essentially redundant. But in saying that, and I appreciate that flytos / flytconsole is an outstanding solution designed for developers (not me in this case) it would be fantastic to have a vanilla console so the widgets could that have been developed could be and added on the fly, so that the end user / client can have a tailored console that meets their needs. I.e. Camera, tracking, ground control, SAR etc endless possibilities but unfortunately out of my scope of expertise.

All the best


Even though you are mostly correct, you might not have visited the GCS widget which is valid even after the initial config providing telemetry and allowing drone’s waypoint control.

You are on point. And that’s why, In case anyone wants to build their own version of console or any other app, we have documented the steps for doing the same over here.

Sorry in case I am missing your point. And please try to extend your wish list further.