Connecting Matrice 100 to RPI


So I finally got the Matrice 100, and I tried to connect it to the rPi, but it doesn’t work.

I found the following document, but I am not sure if this is what I need to do, and if it is updated.

can you please confirm if this is updated, and if I need to do all of these steps, or maybe the rPi doesn’t need this.

Thank you very much


This is the link to the updated doc.
Please share the FlytOS logs (runlog and startup log). Checkout this link to know more.



We followed the list in the updated docs. We managed to connect to the drone, but api commands doen’t work because the drone doesn’t have GPS-LOCK.

attached are the latest logs
flyt_runlogs.log (11.1 KB)


I managed to connect to the android app, which shows GPS-LOCK in green, but when I try to send commands, I get an error: Cannot communicate with autopilot.

attached are the newer logs
flyt_runlogs (1).log (80.4 KB)



We need urgent support.
Can we talk over the phone ?



Hi @shuki,

Can you please run this command:

rostopic echo /flytos/mavros/local_position/local

And post its output.


Is your FlytConsole showing a valid connection status?


Also, it seems like the issue is at:

  1. Open the file at /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/core_api/launch/core_api_autopilot.launch and edit <arg name="dji_baud_rate" value="921600" /> to
    <arg name="dji_baud_rate" value="230400" />

The above line was missing from the document. I have added it.
Everything should work fine now.


We are getting “activation error” in the Pi despite fulfilling the activation process as shown on console



This command not working due to disconnections



That command not responding



Nothing happens




The NEW_DEVICE_ERROR is thrown by DJI.
Please follow these steps again:

5. Once rebooted, reconnect your M100 with DJI assistant. Make sure laptop running DJI assistant has active internet connection.
6. Connect API port of M100 to your Companion Computer's USB port or UART port.
7. Install DJI Go app in your Android/IOS phone, connect it to M100. Make sure your phone is connected to internet.

DJI SDK needs to verify the APP ID and ENC KEY via DJI Go or DJI assistant. This is a one time configuration.


please send startup logs as well.