Connecting Matrice 100 to Odroid XU4


Which guide or tutorial would you recommend to connect XU4 Odroid to Matrice 100 ?


Hi @Ariel_Ortiz,

We are working hard to make a new FlytOS release with support for DJI M100. It should be available by next week. I might try to send you a temporary beta release within a couple of days if you are interested.



Hi all,

You can follow this document to get beta access of FlytOS integration with DJI A3/N3/M100/M600.

Even though the document is for RPi, if you use FlytOS image for Odroid and install the debian linked at the document, it would work just fine.


Have you release the support for DJI M100?



Yes. The document shared above should help you out in getting started with FlytOS setup with M100