Connecting a Gopro to RPi3 and FlytOS



I´m trying to use a GoPro as camera for live streaming. I intend to use a GoPro 3+ with goprowifihack ( found at But i have no idea how to integrate the live feed recived by the HLS stream to flytOS so i can see the video throuh Flytcloud or flytconsole.


@Dhirajd can you please help here.


Any idea how could i connect it?


I took a quick a look at it and it seems to be streaming over Apple HLS protocol. Only Safari natively supports HLS. There are players such as JWplayer which support playing HLS streams on PC/Linux/Android.

It is not possible to view this video in FlytConsole or FlytLive (cloud) without additional work. In case you want to develop that yourself you can modify FlytConsole codebase to include JWplayer (javascript) to play your video. You may use this as starter code.

In case, you want our help with integrating it into a commercial application you can get in touch with our solutions team.


Ok, i will have a look into it and try to develop some code so it is possible to use this Apple HLS stream.
For our comercial solution we intend to use HDMI output cameras like Foxtech seeker-10 and FH310Z. These cameras can output video by HDMI or AV output.
Do you guys know a way to send this kind of video output to the raspberry pi? Do i need na external converter, video capture?

Here are the links for the cameras we intend to use:
FH310Z -


This device works out of the box on most companion computers.


I´ve bought this device but it is showing a wierd green screen when connected with any HDMI câmera and flytOS. I can get the vídeo to play using mplayer with -vo option as x11, any ideas what is the issue? maybe pixel format ?

I´ve looked into the files, and it the logs file keep spaming wrong buff size, pic_size = 1847200, buff_size = 134???


Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge an easier option is to use the free GoPie software that I created for the Raspberry Pi. You just need to download and install the files, followed by a configuration using a simple file on a USB drive. It can interface a GoPro with an RC transmitter, switches/buttons, and microcontrollers.

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It happens sometimes with my card as well. But, it is resolved after reconnecting USB, HDMI connectors.
Try any laptop HDMI out as the HDMI input to the capture card. The card specifies that some particular HDMI mode is not supported. I can’t dig too deep into it right now as I don’t have a Go Pro.
I have tested it on DJI remote HDMI out, and it works without any issue.


There are anything for Xiaomi Yi Action Cam? This program works with ny GoPro?


We haven’t tested with that particular action cam. But any camera with HDMI out should normally work with that capture card.


Hi @Dhirajd

Do I need to install any software on my Raspberry Pi if I want to use this setup? Which is sending audio and video from HDMI camera to Raspberry Pi through video capture card.

And I also plan to stream the audio and video to FlytConsole. Could you help me configuring the setup? Do I have to call API for video stream?