Connect Drone with unique Id


Hello all

I want to use API of flytbase. Now I have some queries related to how I will connect drone, as in my application multiple drones will be registered, so I will have only unique id of drone and model of drone. So is it possible to connect drone with for getting current location of drone?


How are you going to connect to drone? If you are doing it by connecting to onboard computer (SBC like Raspberry Pi) on your local network, then you will have to identify each drone by their IP address on local network. If you want to use the API over Internet, then every drone registered on FlytBase platform has
a unique vehicle ID and common API key for one account (which can have multiple drones).


Hello @Dhirajd

We need to call api.
So its compulsory to register each drone in flytbase.
Is there any API available from which we can register drone? So from our application we will call that api and drone will be registered.