Cloudsim Virtual Drone mission improvements


Some feedback for improvements:
I use the virtual drone in the cloud for tests, and when I generate missions using api “waypoint_set”, than the graphical representation of the path in the FlytConsole can be improved a bit.

When I add commands like takeoff or land, which does not need gps coordinates, the WP end up on the lat,lon=0,0.
Also if I add other commands like DO_SET_RELAY or MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW, they also end up on lat,lon=0,0 since they do not need gps position.

Also in the WP list the commands are not visible at all, a suggestion is if the command is not supported to be parsed as text (like 22 => TAKEOFF, 16 => Waypoints, 181 => DO_SET_RELAY) than the value can be shown instead of empty.

Finally one thing that would greatly help in debugging, that is if it would be possible to set the virtual drone at at specific location. I have a lot of missions that I would like to simulate in Sweden but I do not know if there is way to initiate the virtual drone to a specific gps position?

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@pradeep can you please take a look at the bug fixes or feature improvements suggested by @SebastianW.

Currently that feature is not available in cloud sim portal, but is available if you install the simulator in local machine. If you are interested to try out our local machine installation here.