Changing Raspberry Pi Cam parameters



We’re testing FlytOS’s suitability for the scope of our project. Everything looks great and it fits fantastically with our teams software skill set (OpenCV + Python). I’m trying to get a proof of concept up and running for the hardware partner to drool over (thanks for including the followme app)

However I’ve found the PiCam is very, very dark in it’s default setting. As per the documentation I’ve edited parameters in /flyt/…/vision_apps/launch/cam_api.launch to reflect my preferred changes (reduced Framerate and increased brightness)

Is there a command to refresh those parameters from the ssh command line or replace the currently running camera pid?



Well once you have edited the file, either you can reboot the system/device or relaunch FlytOS.
To relaunch FlytOS, run these commands in succession: