Changing minimum takeoff altitude in API mode



I am using a pixhawk px4 with a pxflow sensor. I tested takeoff to 1 meter altitude in API mode. Flytconsole gave me a warning message saying that the minimum altitude which can be set is 1.5m and that is going to be the altitude the drone will be set to. I did not managed to view what the altitude was in the local_position/local topic was where the drone was hovering. I retried taking off but with the altitude set at 1.5m. The drone hovered at about a height of around 2m. The maximum height clearance I have for my flight is 2 m. Hence, I wanted to know two things:

  1. Is such a deviation in the altitude set in takeoff normal? If not, how can I fix it?

  2. I noticed that there is a minimum takeoff altitude parameter in Q ground control. Its minimum value is 1m. If I change that to 1m will I be able to set 1m while using the flyt takeoff api as well?


Hi @annabeth97c

It completely depends on the Hardware that you are using along with the sensors etc. The altitude performance would differ, across multiple takeoff even when the hardware is similar.

The minimum takeoff alt is set within FlytOS. Hence, changing the related parameter in QGC will not help.
Unfortunately, for now, there is no way to override the minimum takeoff altitude limit.