Chaging Maximum Speed of Drone in FlytSim


Hi @srv-admin @Dhirajd

How can we change the maximum speed limit of the drone during simulation using FlytSim. With default parameters max speed of the drone is restricted to 5m/s. I want to set it to ~300m/s for longer flight simulation, is it possible?

Please note, I have tried setting custom parameter MPC_XY_VEL_MAX as suggested here, tbut that does not help. Also the parameter is custom, so it disappears if you restart the FlytSim.



I don’t think MPC_XY_VEL_MAX will directly apply here. First of all, the simulator by default uses Ardupilot code base. That parameter is from PX4. Finally, finding equivalent velocity constraint in APM and setting that through FlytOS param API should be the solution to go forward. However, don’t expect to work for velocities like 300 m/s. The simulation will account for basic physics model of the vehicle and world.

In case you want to spawn the drone in simulation someplace else, then that is a different question to be asked.