Cant't find appropriate complete wiring detail for Pi3


Pls update the relevant wiki for appropriate complete wiring detail for Pi3 for interfacing gimbal



I dont understand, are you trying to interface gimbal with Pi3? Gimbal is supposed to be interfaced with Pixhawk/Pixhawk2 or any other such autopilot. Please go to their respective documentation of hardware interfacing gimbals with their hardware.


Hi, I am sorry for not representing it correctly, you are right, I I would interface Gimbal with Pixhawk only.
Can I connect the Gimbal servos to Pixhawk on any three output PWM channels or its is some specific ?

How does the FlightOS in Pi3 controls the three PWM outputs at Pixhawk for Gimbal ? Is there any configuration related procedure which I need to follow ?



Software Config:
If you are using PX4, visit our documentation for software configuration.
For APM, just enable gimbal from Mission Planner/APM Planner.

Hardware Config:
For PX4, Connect gimbal’s pitch,roll,yaw to PWM AUX Pin1,2 and 3 respectively.
For APM, click here


Thanks a lot, I’ll just go through that.


Can the raspberry pi B+ (Pin #2) be powered (5V, 2A) from the telemetry port (5V)? Let me know, if this is ok and will not cause an issue. It would be more convenient then using the micro usb port.
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Hi @ryan.cant The Raspberry Pi requires 2 A to function properly, it is not advised to power it up using Pixhawk as the Pixhawk is not meant to give that kind of steady current output and you may end up damaging it. Also a point to consider is that though the Raspberry Pi does not always use 2A, the required current goes up with onboard processing and in case of undercurrent or undervoltage important functions of the Raspberry Pi shut off.

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