Can't use "Get Attitude Euler Data" by RESTful


I cannot use “Get Attitude Euler Data” by RESTful
I pasted following URL in my browser, but it return 404 not found.


but following URL are working


and also have the same problem of “Gimbal Control”, “Get Distance Sensor”, “Get VFR HUD”.
And it can show attitude in flytconsole GCS normally.



Open this file: /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/core_api/launch/core_api_rostful.launch and replace its content by core_api_rostful.launch (1.7 KB)

But, For topics it is advised that you use web socket to avoid network overhead by continuously pinging the server for updated data. But if you still need the following topics be accessible through REST, then we have provided the above correction. Restart FlytOS and you will have the REST calls working for the required topics.


Thank srv,
It work now.
I want to use c++ to write a program for control FlytOS at remote.
So I can’t use the ROSLIB with JavaScript.
Or have other method for c++?


Currently client libraries for accessing data from FlytOS remotely are available in JS and Java for REST and Websocket .

If you want to continue in C++ you can use onboard C++ APIs or if you want remote access, try exploring cURL commands for REST in C++.


Hi @kuji,

Were you able to get attitude data now?