Can't connect via TCP to pixhawk


I’m starting build a drone with pixhawk and RPi 3.
I install the flytos image on the RPi and start to follow this guide:

but when I’m getting to the part that need to connect the pixhawk to QgroundControl/mission planner via TCP it get fails.
on the pixhawk there is the latest from ardupilot(maybe need the PX4?) and I set the boudrate to 921 and mavlink communication on telm 2.
How do I continue to the next step? what can be the problem?




That is certainly not the case. We support both Px4 and APM equally.

Did you open FlytConsole and verified you are getting a valid connection status?
Can you please send me the runlog and startup log. Click here to know more.


thanks for your response.

I open flytconsole but how can i get verified valid connections?

how can i send the log to you? I cant upload a file here


In FlytConsole, check its top bar. This is the expected dashboard.

Please upload the log file to google drive/dropbox and share the link to it here.


the files are is

also in flytconsole there is a red box on top “Disconnected” but i cat get it to be connected.


Unfortunately none of the logs suggest that RPi was able to connect to Pixhawk succesfully.
I would request you to make sure your hardware connection is correct.

You can send pictures of your connection as well.

Also, are you using UART-UART or UART-USB to connect Pixhawk and RPi. Can you connect your laptop to Pixhawk via UART-USB?