Cannot connect FlytOS to A3 on-board


Struggling to get FlytOS running on a R.Pi 3 to connect to an A3 flight controller via A3 API pins. Startup log shows attempts to sync at 921600, 57600 and 115200 bps. Then “could not detect any serial port, defaulting to PX4”

Connections between Pi and A3:

Pi ----> A3
UART0 Tx ----> API Rx
UART0 Rx ----> API Tx
Gnd ----> Gnd

Thanks in advance


Hi Justin,

We have not released a stable version of dji support yet. The latest release of FlytOS v1.5-4 due to be releassed tomorrow will have beta support for it. In that auto-detection has not been implemented. I will post a brief documentation on the same tomorrow.

Your connections seem fine.
Make sure in DJI assistant, SDK tab has been configured correctly as per DJI guidelines for enabling SDK access.


Would you please link the documentation here when it is live? Looking forward to testing it out!


Thank you! We’ll check out the beta and give you some feedback


Hi all,

You can follow this document to get beta access of FlytOS integration with DJI A3/N3/M100/M600.