Can 3DR Solo run flytOS without additional hardware attached?


Hi guys,

How could I run flytOS on/with the 3DR solo drone using mavproxy - without additional hardware on drone? I read somewhere this is possible, but there aren’t any example of it readily available.

I assume this means flytOS runs on a computer on the ground, and through mavproxy the commands reach the drone? Correct me if I’m wrong.

So the basic question is: how to I get a 3DR Solo, interacting with flytOS out of the box?

I am familiar with flytOS APIs and am in the process of developing an app for it (using the REST APIs). It would be nice if we could test it in the real world also. - it works in the simulator.



Hi @aluca,

To the best of my knowledge, this is how to connect FlytOS with 3DR Solo.

  • Power up 3DR Solo.
  • Power up your Companion Computer which is running FlytOS
  • Make sure Companion Computer (CC) is connected to 3DR Solo’s WiFi Access Point
  • Connect to CC via ssh, open a terminal and Run these commands one by one:
    • stop_flytOS
    • launch_flytOS
  • The above commands, effectively restarted FlytOS. You should not need to do this everytime, but it would be easier to look out of bugs/issues with log visible over terminal.
  • FlytOS should now automatically connect to 3DR Solo. Open FlytConsole and verify the same.

In case, you are unable to connect to 3DR Solo, send us the startup logs and run logs.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

That’s great info, but can the ‘companion computer’ be just a regular PC that’s somehow running flytOS?
(or a Virtual Machine / device, running on a PC)

Is it required that I also get a hardware companion computer to be able to control the drone through flytOS? (like Raspberry Pi I assume is the easiest).



Yes. Indeed it could be yoru PC.

Usually, having a separate CC is easy to manage. But in case you find having a PC/Laptop suits your need better, then go ahead and try it out.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Is there a guide on how to install flytOS on a PC? I found this in the docs (for companion computers):

I assume I need to use the x64 debian package somehow, right?
I assume the steps would be (please confirm):

  1. install debian on a PC
  2. install the debian package (from here:
  3. connect debian PC to the 3DR Solo wifi
  4. restart flytOS

Let me know if this should work as described above.



Also, for the future: For connecting to the 3DR S0lo, would we need a flytPi with a Pixhawk connector or a Pixhawk 2.1 connector?

Thanks. (screenshot below)


Hi @aluca,

Unfortunately, there isn’t any setup documentation.
But you can follow this guide:

  1. Setup Ubuntu 16.04 on your PC OR use virtualbox/VMware. (Preferably install Ubuntu instead of VM)
  2. Open a terminal and run this command:

    sudo sh -c ‘wget -O - | bash’

  3. Connect PC to 3DR Solo Wifi
  4. Restart FlytOS

You do not need any connector, as you would be connecting to Solo over Wifi and not via Serial Uart channel.
So you can choose either of them at checkout.