Camera not showing up in flytconsole



I’m using a simple Philips usb camera, running Ubuntu 16.04 and FlytOS on Intel Aero RTF drone. Camera works on guvcview and is /dev/video14, which I already edited under cam_api.launch. After making the change there, camera powers on with flytconsole->video or with followme but doesn’t show any video feed. I also can’t get feed from /dev/video13 which is the Intel R200 realsense camera which also works on guvcview.

Flystatus is Connected and everything else works normally. Is there any other changes I need to make? Any suggestions?

Firmware APM 3.6.0



I would suggest you to always attach the latest runlog and startup log with your queries.
Click here to know more on how to fetch these logs.


Most likely the issue is related to dependency conflicts.
Installing this version of FlytOS should solve your problem.


It solved my problem instantly, thanks! :smiley: