AUVSI Demo - DJI Mavic Air


Hi, from the email I got about AUVSI Demo from flytBase I quote this part:

"A hybrid fleet of drones consisting of DJI Mavic Air, Matrice 100, Pixhawk2.1/Cube based drone was connected to a single web-based application over cloud showing live navigation, telemetry, and video feed, showcasing the drone agnostic FlytBase platform. "

Is DJI Mavic Air working with flytPi for example? (I assume using Wi-Fi like 3DR Solo), or something similar?



To use DJI Mavic Air with FlytBase, you have to install our Android App (‘FlytLink’) on your mobile/tablet which is connected to RC of DJI Mavic.

FlytPi doesn’t come into this flow as of now.