ASV/ROVER support


Is there any intention to suppor ASV?



Can you please elaborate?
FlytOS works with APM/PX4 to control your vehicle. If you are using a fork of either PX4/APM for your ASV/Rover, then FlytOS already supports it.


Ok, I think that I don’t understand how flytos works.

I have my ASV and it will work with PX4 and ardurover. I will connect my PX4 with an EDISON onboard computer that will be runing flytOS.
What functionalities will have with this setup?




Unfortunately I have not worked with ASV before. Can you forward me any documentation or reference link for the same. Does your ASV have Guided mode support?
Moreover, what all functionalities do you want ? Or what is your application.

In case of a Copter, FlytOS communicates with Pixhawk running APM firmware via Telem2 port using MAVLink.

  • FlytOS fetches you all the telemetry data
  • FlytOS provides various navigation commands capability in Guided mode. You can send position/velocity setpoints to your Copter using FlytOS.

There are many more such APIs. Take a look here.


This is the first pool test of my ASV:

It has 2 bluerobotic T100 thruster, so it need to be driven in skid steering.

I will need to command the ASV in OFFBOARD mode using ROS nodes. I think this is alrady supported by flytOS, right?
I will take a look at the APIs.



Yes. If you ASV supports Offboard/Guided mode, you will be able to control your drone via FlytOS.