API not working with FLTYPOD



In the APK created, we have incorporated a log file. In this log file we log the actions taken in the app, the API call and the response from the API. For your reference, I am attaching that log file. What is interesting is that most of the response from API are returning FALSE, hence we felt it would be useful to share with you the entire log so that you can help figure out the issue.



Do we have any feedback for us on this.



Hi @Trilok_Singh,

All these APIs work just fine, when tested in suitable conditions. In your case, you have to explain further on the situation in which it fails, so that we could reproduce on our end.


Hello Srv,

Drone android app is working fine at our end(Flytsim), but when we try this application on Flytpod then most of the API is return false.
We got Global Namespace successfully. but other API is not working correctly.
We received false in response.
One more thing, Set waypoint API also working fine.
So can you please tell us, why arm, disarm, take off API is not return true.
Each API working fine with flytsim. and it is same as like Given in example on website.
Do you think it was failed due to incorrect setting of Flytpod or less update.
Please suggest us, in which case, Flytpod return false.



Hi SRV, I received Flyt Joystick APP this morning. I managed to connect to the drone using the ip address. I switched the RC controller to API mode. Therefore the left hand 3-way switch was pointing down in API and the right 2-way switch was pointing up in manual. The rc controller was not armed. The tablet did not respond to the drone. It was connect to the flytpod wifi. It was showing a green button on the top of the joystick app. It was not receiving any of the commands with joysticks or takeoff button (command error). What am I doing wrong? Do you think the issue is the autopilot as the RGB LED had failed and maybe more serious then we originally thought. Please advise me with further instructions to trouble shoot the issue. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello Srv,

Is there any feedback for us.
We are waiting for your response.



Hi @Dhirajd and @vallabh,

Please reply to this thread.


Hello ,

Any Feedback for us. Why API is not working with flytpod.


Hi @srv @Dhirajd @vallabh,
I have gone ahead and tested the positing hold and altitude hold switch. Both are working. I then went on to test your joystick app and nothing happened. The video has been sent to your Skype. As you can see, the app is connected to Flytpod. All the indicators in the upper right hand corner are visible. When I being working with the joystick, there is no response from the motors. The RC controller has been set to API as you mentioned.
Earlier, when I tried testing the motor rotation in the calibration settings manual, nothing happened. I believe this could be a potential reason why the commands are returning false as the flytpod is not contacting the motors. All seems to be working , but the APIs are not being processed correctly. Please advise what you suggest we do next. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,
-Ryan C.