API for connecting DJI Drone



Is there any high level APIs available in Rest call(recommend ) or Pi/c++ etc to connect DJI Drone and
control it?

I don’t want to deploy Flytbase OS into DJI drone because DJI has its own environment into it.
So All in All, how to control DJI Drone from Flytbase high lavel APIs to DJI low level apis.


You have not mentioned which DJI drone you want to control ?

Can you please explain this further?
Moreover, FlytOS is NOT an OS per se, and it’s a software which runs on top of Ubuntu 16.04 and uses ROS-Kinetic.

Please checkout our API documentation - http://api.flytbase.com/


Thanks for reply.
I want to connect DJI-Wind-8-Octocopter. But my question is generic for all Drone.

I have checked those APIs but all those API talks to FlytOs / FlytOS software.

Now my query is - how to connect/ control Drone, which does not have FlytOs into it, through FlytOs image which is install in Cloud machine / AWS machine.

Example - Currently I am running FlytSim docker in my local machine which is a FlytOs and simulator. And I can control/ send command to this Docker/ FlytOs to navigate Simulated Drone- Works fine.
How I can do same flow but instead of having Simulated Flyt Drone I want control Actual DJI Drone/ Simulated DJI Done which has its own DJI platform/apis ?


Can you please reply on my new comments.



You will have to setup your environment to let your drone communicating with FlytOS. This document may guide you:

Flytbase team will need to get back with you on the compatibility for DJI-Wind-8-Octocopter, but as far as I know, only these are supported for DJI:



Hi @nikk.sonitech,

For FlytOS to communicate with your DJI drone, you have to set up a Companion Computer onboard the drone. You have to connect the USB/UART port of the computer with the API/SDK port of your drone.

I am afraid, this is the only possible solution. You can still get Cloud connectivity (if you need it) using FlytOS onboard the drone.