AP mode for Raspberry pi3



I am new to Flytbase and you guys, are doing a great job! I am impress by your documentation.
I encountered a problem with my installation on rpi3 and I am a bit confused.

I followed this page http://docs.flytbase.com/docs/FlytOS/GettingStarted/FlashingImgRpi.html#flashing-img-rpi, and I am not able to see FlytPOD_wifi ssid. Is it only available for FlytPOD or it is also possible with the rpi3?

If I can’t get AP mode with my Rpi 3 after a fresh install, how can I get it please? I want to launch script during the flight.
Have a nice day.



Hi @rudja, thanks for your kind words. We recently updated our image, please can you check which image you are using by running $ flytimage_version.sh in your console.
In case you do not get a WiFi access point point you can set one up yourself. It is very similar to setting up a hotspot on your phone.

Please right click on the icon for WiFi, go to Edit Connections, under WiFi delete all existing networks. Then Click on Add.
Select type of Connection as WiFi and press Create.
In the dialog that opens, enter the connection name and SSID of your choice and select mode as Hotspot (this is the most important) . Select Device as the only one available (MAC Address will show). Use WiFi Security of your choice. Finally click save.
When you reboot, your Raspberry Pi will automatically set up a hotspot and connect to it.



Hi @prabodh.

I don’t have flytimage_version.sh but flytos_version.sh file. After running this command, I get 1.3-4b.
Thanks for the tuto on hostpot. I will try it.