Altitude problem


Hi. I’m building an autonomeus drone. The robot should be at a height of 1.7 meters.
before i use ardupilot stack but now i use px4 stack because yaw was disable on velocity set point.
I use the sonar as well. All is done but it falls below 1m when flying.


here is my log fileflyt_runlogs_2016-02-11_20-04.log (352 KB)

Please answer me sooner.thanks.


Hi @farfower,

Sorry for delayed response. There was a bug in this release, where sending velocity setpoint with body_frame flag set to ‘true’ would cause such a behaviour.

Let me know the name of SBC/Companion computer (RPi or Nvidia TX2 etc.) you are using. I will send a relevant build with fixes.

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I’m using a xu4 computer that has the latest version of flytos installed on it. I also thank you for providing an excellent platform to overcome the complexities of ros programming.
Also my drone is ready and i use deep learning on it.
please send me a fixed build.


Im waiting for Fixed build for xu4


I’m using xu4 single board computer. can you send relevant build you fixed it?
also, we were thank you and your team…