Altitude problem


Hi. I’m building an autonomeus drone. The robot should be at a height of 1.7 meters.
before i use ardupilot stack but now i use px4 stack because yaw was disable on velocity set point.
I use the sonar as well. All is done but it falls below 1m when flying.


here is my log fileflyt_runlogs_2016-02-11_20-04.log (352 KB)

Please answer me sooner.thanks.


Hi @farfower,

Sorry for delayed response. There was a bug in this release, where sending velocity setpoint with body_frame flag set to ‘true’ would cause such a behaviour.

Let me know the name of SBC/Companion computer (RPi or Nvidia TX2 etc.) you are using. I will send a relevant build with fixes.

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I’m using a xu4 computer that has the latest version of flytos installed on it. I also thank you for providing an excellent platform to overcome the complexities of ros programming.
Also my drone is ready and i use deep learning on it.
please send me a fixed build.


Im waiting for Fixed build for xu4