Activation of Flyt OS on Rasberry Pi 3


I am using Raspberry Pi 3 for setting up Flyt os , Successful in flashing the OS image.Now I am facing issues for activation , as I followed steps for activation, when i click and enter my login details , it opens a browser page and not going as per instructions given to set nickname or select device, for generating key.


Hi @Bhanupraveen sorry for the issue, can you please tell in a bit more detail as to what happens when you try to activate FlytOS?


When I login ,i am going to this page.


Please let me know if it was mistake from my side or on software end.


I’m investigating the issue. Will get back to you immediately.


Hello, the issue has been fixed. You could try activating it again, there should not be any issues!
Please contact us again if you get stuck anywhere!


Great I will try again now.


Thank you very much , now it is working got activated my device.