About navigation arm attribute


Hi guys, I want to know how the arm() method in navigation instance works.

I’m using
FC : Pixhawk4 with firmware PX4 fmu v5
Companion computer : NVIDIA TX2
FlytOS : 1.5.6

When I armed copter with RC, the motors spinned at minimum PWM which is very natural.
However, when I armed copter with python module of FlytOS, the motor spinned around minimum PWM.
Therefore, my question is

  1. Why those motors did not spin at minimum PWM? Did my onboard TX2 give higher PWM than the minimum?
  2. Can I adjust the motor spins to the RC PWM minimum spin?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Hi @hslyu,

There are 2 parameters - PWM_MIN and PWM_DISARMED. When you arm using FlytOS, TX2 or FlytOS will not send any PWM signal or set the value of PWM. Instead, it is the default behavior of the autopilot, which is, when it is armed it will generate PWM of value PWM_DISARMED.

This is to the best of my knowledge, and I think it is correct. For more info, you can ask this question on PX4 forum as well. Instead of FlytOS, you should use MAVROS in your question. (FlytOS internally uses MAVROS)
Hope it helps.


Thank you. If I troubleshoot the problem, I will notify it here. :slight_smile: