Aborting land command


What is the prefered command to abort a land command?

My application requries that the land can be aborted at any time, and an operator can manually order the drone west,east,north,south,up, etc.

When I run the simulated cloud drone and any time during a mission i can send command “waypoint_pause” which i have undertood is prefererad rather than sending command “pos_hold”. (this gave us dangerous issues on real VTOL drone were drone was not controlled any more)

“waypoint_pause” works during entire mission, (during takeoff, between wp), but not when land has been issued.
When sending “waypoint_pause” during land, nothing happens, drone keeps descending and landing.

If I instead send a manual direction command (position_set) during land, the drones stops decending immediatly but the drone does not respond to the command, and no commnd can be received by the drone until the land command times out (error 504 GATEWAY timeout after approx 1 minute). Than I can manually control the drone again.

Please advice what is the correct procedure to abort landing to make the drone loiter and be ready for any new command.

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Hi @SebastianW,

Sorry for the delay.
waypoint_pause and positon_hold API are effectively run the same function in the backend. So you should not get to see different behaviour.

It seems you are using the Land API instead of sending Land command within Waypoint.
There seems to be a bug, when you call Land API with async=false and try to override it.
Can you instead send Land API with async=true, for the time being till we get this issue resolved.

Thanks for pointing out the bug.


Perfect thank you!
I tested your suggestion for land command and that works great.

When I have the opportunity, I will test the waypoint_puase and position_hold behavior again with current cloud and flytpi software (on our VTOL). If I get same behavior again I will create a new topic on that.

Thanks for your help.


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