5 pins of hte gimbal interface


so where is the documentation as to which access goes to which pin of the gimbal controller on the side of the FlytPOD?? I see a - (ground?) and 1 through 4, but which goes to which axis of the camera gimbal… and I assume one is a shutter? (3 axis gimbal + shutter??)




The gimbal port function is not available now. It will be available soon in future updates. If you want to hook up a gimbal you can use 5,6,7 PWM motor outputs with a Quad configuration.


woah… so you’re saying using the FlytPOD I can’t even control my gimbal any longer??? (until some future update) That mean this FlytPOD is totally useless to me! (without adding a second radio (or using sbus and channels directly from a 16ch receiver)

How the heck is flytOS, or openCV and ROS suppose to control the camera aim on my octo or hex???
The flight control was to be semi-autonomous, while camera functions could be controlled! So what good is tracking using your flytos on the flytpod??? At least with a real pixhawk I can control my gimbal while the craft is in auto! this is terrible!!!



Hi @pteg,

I understand that having gimbal control is a very basic feature that must be available in flytos. We earlier had a working API for the same as you can also find it here. But unfortunately the API is not working, and I am rectifying it right now. I appreciate your help in bringing out all these issues. Regarding the gimbal API and port documentation, we would release it as soon as we get our APIs tested.



That very video (among others) is why I was so surprised when it was stated the gimbal stuff didn’t work! The optical tracking will be a big part of some of my early apps. As well as gps, the target being tracked will have it’s gps location identified. So yes, need access to the gimbal for tracking. A gimbal I designed has full feedback of axis position so gps location can be calculated based on where the craft is, and the angles of the gimbal


Hi @pteg,

Don’t worry, I am working on it and it would be made available for you to use it in no time. Thanks for your patience again.


…perhaps it’s good I’d already forgotten what I read in the pamphlet that came in the box with the Pod/Pro…it has the gimbal pin out port identified (although not which one is which gimbal axis) so my Q at least initiated an accelerated code correction :slight_smile:


Hi @pteg,

I am happy to announce that gimbal API is now available to control the dedicated gimbal pins available in FlytPOD. The API documentation and Gimbal port configuration will be updated in the website soon.