4G telemetri Ras PI3 Pixhawk2


Hello All,
Id like to know if this software is capable of running what Im trying to set up. Here is my set up followed by my questions.

Raspberry pi 3 (onboard wifi)

Pixhawk 2 ( it has a edison but I have not been able to flash it?)

4G wifi router

So, I am trying to set up long range over 4g.

I have installed the flytOS on to my PI, I have set my connection in parameters og Qground control. But I can not get it to connect? I can connect in flytconsole and see the video. But I can not get my pixhawk to connect over wifi. I understand that both my PI and laptop need to be on the same network. I am hoping that after I set it up I can have my PI connected to my 4G roughter and my laptop connected to another 4G router. Is this possible with this software or do I need to go back to mission Planner? I was really exited when I stumbled across this project. Very very impresed with flyos.

I also can not connect with my SIK 915mhz telemetry radios. I understand Qground control should recognize them but it does not?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @FlyComp1,

Yes. All the requirements mentioned above can be met by FlytOS.
Lets resolve the basic connectivity issues first.

Unfortunately, I cannot comprehend your issues. Please explain them in detail, with pictures wherever relevant.
Also, send me your runlog and startup log by referring here.


This is what my ultimate goal to do it as well. Collecting pieces right now. I have Pixhawk 2 and Raspberry 3 now and in the process of researching the other components. Looking forward to reading more on this topic. Any help would be appreciated.



You can always ask definitive queries on issues you are facing or feature requests.
We would definitely help you in reaching your goal.