404 Service Not Available Error - FlytCloud


REST APIs exposed via FlytCloud are returning 404-Service Not Available error for all APIs.

To start with, a simple API like to get_global_namespace is also returning 404 in the response, is it problem with FlytCloud or with my developer trial account. Please revert ASAP.



Please find the attached screenshot for the reference, Thanks!


Hope the issue is resolved. Let us know if you are still facing any problem.


Hey Achal,

I’m still facing the same issue, there is no change in the status of API responses. I have tried from two separate accounts as well, just to make sure this is not an account specific issue.



Hi Team,

I debugged this issue little more and found out the ROS-Websockets from the FlytCloud console are returning error that drone is not reachable

Current simulator setup is behind an enterprise firewall, so I tested the same simulator outside this firewall and surprisingly FlytCloud console was accessible.

This brings me to the conclusion that our firewall is blocking FlytSim from sending data to FlytCloud, which was not happening couple of days back.

Though the 404 responses from FlytCloud without any error descriptions are misleading.

I request you to provide details of domain/port which are used by FlytSim container to communicate with FlytCloud, so I can add exceptions to the firewall and restore the communications.



@Dhirajd, please help Utkarsh with the issue.


Dear Utkarsh,

The drone/FlytSim instance connects to dev.flytbase.com. You can configure the firewall to allow outgoing calls to any port at dev.flytbase.com.

The port used keeps changing, so it is better to whitelist outgoing calls by domain name rather than the port.


Problem was identified to be blocking of outgoing communication on ports 5760 and 9000.

It is now resolved, thanks for all the help.